Toddler Program:

1 hour Ages 3-4

Preschool Program:

1-1.5 hours girls ages 4-5

Girls Recreational: All levels

1.5 hours ages 6+

Girls Pre-team/Advanced:

2 hours ages 6+

Girls Competitive Team:

2+ hours ages 7+

Teen Program:

1.5 hours ages 13-18

What is unique about Tovi’s Gym?

“Anyone can teach a talented child but only a talented coach can teach any child”

What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an enjoyable and rewarding sport that includes, flexibility, agility, strength, coordination and balance. There are 4 apparatuses in women’s gymnastics which are floor, beam, bars and vault. There’s also training equipment such as trampolines, tumble tracks, foam pits and various shaped mats which help the gymnasts progress in a fun and efficient way.


What are the benefits?
Gymnastics is beneficial is so many ways. The most obvious reason is that it’s great exercise. Since it primarily uses body weight, it is an appropriate way for children to build strength safely. It also develops good posture, stamina, balance, body awareness, and coordination. In addition, gymnastics builds social skills, team work, patience, and endurance. It encourages hard work towards a goal and teaches children to persevere even when it’s tough.
Is it safe?
While there is ordinary risk of injury in every sport, we take all the precautions to ensure our gym is safe. We use professional safety equipment, hire qualified coaches and continuously update our safety certification and knowledge. We also keep a close eye on all of our students to make sure they are practicing safely, warming up and are properly conditioned before attempting higher level skills.  

Thanks so much Tovi! The girls felt SO proud! Many thanks for building a culture of such healthy collaboration. On shabbos we had a guest over who asked about gymnastics and someone at the table said-you must be a real star-and my daughter answered, "At Tovi's Gym every girl is a star!" Your messages really do penetrate! Thanks for all! SR

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1 Hour Session
148/monthly (4 classes)
1.5 Hour Session
180/monthly (4 classes)

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