Our Latest Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes for girls ages 3-18. Our Recreational classes (Starfish, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire), provide quality training for gymnasts seeking to improve their skills outside of a competitive environment. Girls aspiring to be on team can qualify to participate in our pre-competitive track (Starlings and Gold Stars).


Ages: 3-5 years

Our youngest gymnasts will be guided through a variety of stations and activities designed to build the strength and body awareness necessary to learn the skills. Progressing at their own pace, they will begin to learn the basic gymnastics shaping and fundamental skills including forward rolls and handstands.

Starlings 1

Ages: 5-8 years (1.5 hours)
Seasoned gymnasts will continue to strengthen their foundational skills while building on them to progress to higher levels.

Skill prerequisites: bridge, forward roll, handstand and cartwheel on floor.

Starlings 2

Ages: 6-9 years (2 hours) *Evaluation required
Gymnasts showing proficiency on bars beam and floor with a strong mastery of shaping and body positioning. Prerequisite skills include, handstand forward roll, roundoff, kickover, backward roll, right or left foot split, pullover from 2 feet on bars and 3/4 handstand on beam.


Ages: —
No prior gymnastics skills necessary. Gymnasts will be introduced to the fundamental gymnastics skills on bars, beam and floor. They will build strength and gain body awareness as they are guided through the skills progressively.


Ages: —
Gymnasts who have successfully mastered the basics of rolls, handstands and cartwheels will continue to advance into roundoffs, kickovers, walkovers and handsprings.


Ages: —
Highly skilled gymnasts seeking to excel in a non competitive environment. Eligible gymnasts will be able to progress at their own pace in a more creative setting. Skill Prerequisites: Roundoff rebound, backward roll, back walkover, front limber or walkover, one handed cartwheel

Gold Stars

Ages: 10+ evaluation required

Gymnasts who exhibit the skill and drive to prepare for our competitive track. Strength, flexibility and skill requirements on bars, beam and floor will be evaluated as well as gymnast’s commitment and work ethic to achieve the team requirements.